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Vegan Protein Plus is a unique combination of organic, amino acid rich rice, pea, quinoa and amaranth proteins, vitamins, minerals and medicinal mushrooms including resihi, lions mane, cordyceps, fortified with vitamins and minerals, B12 and iron for the ultimate plant-based nutrient boost. This delicious chocolate flavored powder provides 20 grams of high quality plant-protein per serving and is naturally cholesterol and gluten free. Making this is the perfect post-workout drink for optimal muscle repair and recovery, alternatively consume as a snack or mix with almond milk for a meal replacement drink. The addition of medicinal mushrooms offers further health benefits including immune and cognitive function, while the specific vitamin and mineral formula provides iron and vitamin B12 to avoid common deficiencies with a plant-based diet.

Ingredients: Vegan protein blend (organic rice protein, organic pea protein, organic quinoa, organic amaranth, mushroom mycelial blend [reishi, king trumpet, lions mane, cordyceps, himematsutake, turkey tails, shiitake and maitake] organic hemp protein), natural vanilla flavor, vitamin and mineral blend (calcium proteinate, ascorbate acid, choline bitartrate, calcium d-panothenate, magnesium oxide, vitamin E succinate, manganese aminomin, magnesium rice chelate, potassium chloride, niacinamide, zinc picolinate, beta carotene, iodine [Atlantic sea kelp], biotin, thiamin hydrochloride, potassium asparate, boron amino acid, cyanocobalamin, selenomethionine, riboflavin phosphate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, niacin, dry retinyl palmitate, copper bisglycinate chelate, chromium nicotinate glycinate, pyridoxal phosphate, molybdenum amino acid chelate, vitamin D cholecalciferol, bis-glycinato oxo vanadium complex), and rebaudioside A (from steva)

Number of Servings: 30

Price per serving: 1.90

Amount: 900g

Bruto weight: 1167g (2.57lb)

Usage: Consume one to two scoops per day with water or milk alternative.