On the Grind

PlayBook Athlete is a media marketing company that provides strategic and innovative brand exposure across the athletic and professional markets.

The goal of our operation is to focus our exposure and craft our next level apparel with personality and feeling to ensure that we capture and display the "real you!"  Your personality, your struggles, your GRIND, brought to life through cotton and ink and displayed on the national stage!  

Welcome to the Why I Grind Movement!

As the campaign began to take shape, it became apparent rather quickly that the core of the campaign was applicable to everyone in every walk of life.“Why do you wake up at 4am, after barely 3 hours of sleep; to work two jobs for so little in return”? “Why do you put aside your own passions to support and chase the dreams of someone else”? “Why is that you run into harms way, defying all logic; putting yourself at risk to save someone else”?  "Why are you the first one at practice, and the last one to leave?"  #WhyIGrind.

Everybody has a WHY, and we want to hear about it! When you know the answer to the question “why,” you'll know that it’s within you to carry on!  

Apparel for the everyday You!  Brand exposure today, because tomorrow can’t wait! We are PlayBook Athlete!